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“Welcome to the Cons Club, Cathays!”

As the 2010’s came to end – The Cons Club, Cathays had an entry in the South Wales Echo Newspaper / Wales Online. We look forward to more good news in the 2020’s!

As the celebration of the first female Bar Steward has taken over (since the club opened in 1891) the running of the bar, events etc. The residents and members are very proud of Jayne’s efforts over her many years at the club; which has now naturally resulted in her running the bar.

Jayne also runs the ‘Rhymney Street Reunion‘ Facebook page, which gets some amazing images uploaded by past and new families in Cathays.

Please do keep up to date with our social media Facebook page: The Cons Club Cathays

Telephone; 029 2022 0902

The club began in late 1800’s in Cathays and is one of our proud achievements in the Cathays district!

Our community has changed over its 150 recorded history to date….. and still our club is frequented by every demographic from contemporary Cathays. With the 18 to 100 years olds enjoying an afternoon or evening out at the The Cons Club, Cathays!

We hold regular events for everyone to enjoy and our community use the venue as a central hub for enjoyment (and work meetings too!) as focal point of the Cathays community.

The club’s weekly opening hours are:

Monday – 4pm to 11pm
Tuesday – 4pm to 11pm
Wednesday – 4pm to 11pm
Thursday – 4pm to 11pm
Friday – 12 noon – midnight
Saturday – 12 noon – midnight
Sunday – 12 noon – 11pm

Everyone is welcome and in this day and age our student population have begun gravitating towards the Cons Club – and although they’ve had fun and enjoyed themselves – they are respectful of the residents and local families.

The Cons Club, Cathays has become a regular venue for our families, our residents and the local student populations (particularly with the University Rugby and Football teams on regular Wednesday night Society nights) who come to socialise. The rest of our students come to play pool or snooker or hold interviews with locals for their courses (such as History or Journalism) and some have occasionally been known to strum with the ‘Blues Dragons’ acoustic musicians with their regular jamming sessions.

Everyone is welcome in the Cons Club (there is no mandatory membership – yet a lot of our locals like to renew their subs every year) and the venue has become very popular with our 18-30 year old young professionals and young families; which we have seen a large influx as more young families are now moving back into Cathays throughout the 2010’s.

Please check out the various tabs in the top bar to find out about all the regular activities in your club!